Craft Lager, Schiehallion, Harviestoun, UK, 4.8%

The perfectly paired combination of wheat malt and lager malt is the secret sauce of this ‘Champagne of Lagers’. Taste of semi-sweet bread, grapefruit, hint of honey

Half 3.00/Pint 6.00

Hazy Daze IPA, London Beer Factory UK, 4.5%   

A juicy, crushable session IPA. This is a full flavoured New England beer with big tropical notes and a citrus hum.

Half 2.90/Pint 5.80


Corona, Mexico, 330ml, 4.5%

The summer classic! Served with lime for that refreshing finish!


Hoegaarden, Belgium, 330ml, 4.9%

First brewed in 1445, Hoegaarden is a witbier, spiced with coriander and orange peel. It is unfiltered so has a cloudy appearance.

Served with pink grapefruit.


Punk IPA, Brewdog, UK, 330ml, 4.9%

Layered with new world hops to create an explosion of tropical fruit and an all out riot of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee before a spiky bitter finish.


Pale Ale, Meantime, UK, 330ml, 4.3%

Heady mix of citrus, spearmint and hopsack aromas.


Lager, 1936, Switzerland, 4.7%

Made with Swiss spring water, clean, clear & smooth.


Curious Brew Lager, UK, 330ml, 4.7%

A premium lager made by Chapeldown using champagne yeast to create a uniquely satisfying, drier, cleaner, fresher lager beer.


Nanny State, Low Alcohol Beer, UK, 330ml, 0.5%

Brewdog's characteristic style with a light, bitter body and flavours of citrus and pine. Nanny State is a refreshing low alcohol option.


Sassy Pear Cider, France, 330ml. 2.5%


Breton Cider, France, 330ml, 5%


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