Grocery Market

Having started the grocery market during lock down we've decided to keep a good thing going. In the next couple of weeks the market will re-start, with timings as follows:

Monday to Friday

Order on phone between 11am and 3pm. 

Collection at a pre-arranged time within restaurant hours

The market will return soon with an updated list!

MADE @ No33*

No33 Slow Cooked Beef Chilli, 600g,  £7.50
(beef, onions, leek, celery, tomato, kidney beans, red wine, fennel seed, balsamic, honey, butter, paprika, chilli, capsicum, garlic, turmeric, cumin, salt, pepper)

Handmade Beef Burgers, x 2, 320g, £3.75
(minced beef, egg, mustard)

Dill & Gherkin Potato Salad, 500g, £3.50
(new potatoes, mayo; peppers, onion, celery, dill, gherkin,
Dijon mustard, grain mustard)

No33 Pesto, coarse, organic, 200g, £3.40
(basil, garlic, parmesan, pinenuts)

No33's Caesar Dressing, 200g, £2.50
(pasteurised egg yolk, dijon, parmesan, Worcestershire sauce, anchovies)

Edamame & Togarashi Hummus, 200g, £2.60
(chickpeas, edamame, olive oil, garlic, lemon, tahini [sesame seeds], togarashi)

NEW   Sweet potato Hummus, 200g, £2.60
(chickpeas, sweet potato, olive oil, garlic, lemon, tahini [sesame seeds])  

Granola, per portion, £2
(mixed nuts & seeds, oats, golden syrup, black treacle, olive oil)

Pumpkin Seed and Golden Syrup Flapjack x 4, £8
(oats, butter, soft brown sugar, golden syrup, pumpkin seeds)

NEW! Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter brownies x 4, £8
(Sugar, flour, eggs, chocolate, butter, cocoa powder, peanut butter, vanilla)

*for full list of ingredients see label, or please ask when ordering

Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with White Truffle Oil, 250ml, £9.50
First Pressing Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil, 1ltr, £6.90
Yeast, 100g  £1.50
Pasta Flour,  Farina "00" Grade, 1kg  £1.40
Sourdough Pizza Dough, frozen, makes a 12" pizza, 210g  £1.20
Fresh Ginger, 200g  £1.20
Elephant Garlic Bulb, each £0.80

Milk, Semi-skimmed, 2ltr £1.50
 Alpro Barista Oat Milk, unsweetened, 1ltr £2
 Alpro Barista Almond Milk, unsweetened, 1ltr £2
Eggs, Free Range Large x 10 £2.50
Butter, unsalted, 250g £2.10
Cheddar, mature, 200g £2
Halloumi, 250g £3.50
Parmesan, 100g £1.80
3 Cheese Selection,
Aged Gorgonzola, Manchego and Cornish Camembert, 250g £9

Linguini, 500g £1.50
Macaroni, 500g £1
Rice, Basmati, 1kg £2.60
Giant Cous Cous, 1kg £6
Nutella, 750g  £5.50
Cadbury Dairy Milk, 95g £1
Premium Brioche Buns, 4", x 6, £2.95

Topside of Beef, 1.5kg, £18.50

Whole Chicken, free range, 1.4kg,  £6.00
Bacon, thick cut, smoked streaky, 500g £6
Farmhouse Ham, sliced, 250g £4
 Garlic & Rosemary Welsh Lamb chops, x 6,  £9.50
Cumberland Sausages x 6,  £4
Toulouse Sausages, artisan hand-made, x 6, £6.50
Sirloin steak, 28 day aged, 8oz £6
Black Pudding, 250g, 1 portion £1.50
No33 Gravy, 250ml (2 portions),  £1.50

Apples, granny smith x 6 £2
Bananas (per bunch, 6 approx.) £2.50
Lemons x 4, £1.80
Limes x 4, £1.50
Pink Grapefruit, each £0.85
Oranges x 6, £2.50
Avocados, large, each £2
Savoy Cabbage, each,  £2.20
Carrots, 1kg  £1
Celery, large, each £1.50
Cucumber, each £1
Leeks, each £1
Lettuce, baby gem, each £1.60
Button Mushrooms, 500g £2.50

Onions, 1kg,  £1.50
Frozen Peas, 1kg,  £3 
Maris Piper potatoes, 1kg,  £1
New potatoes, 1kg,  £1.50
Tomatoes, large vine, 1kg £3

Fine Arabica fair trade coffee from Rwanda, supplied by our
friends at the Praego Coffee Co.  

Roasted Coffee Beans, 500gm,  £9
Espresso Ground Coffee, 500gm,  £8.50
Decaf Coffee Beans, 500gm,  £9.80

Cranberry Juice, 1ltr £2
Orange Juice, 1ltr £2
Cloudy Apple Juice, 1ltr £2
Tomato Juice, 1ltr £2
Pink Grapefruit Juice, 1ltr £2
Fever Tree Tonic, 200ml £1.50
Fever Tree Slimline Tonic, 200ml £1.50
Coke, bottle, 330ml £0.70
Coke Zero, bottle, 330ml £0.70

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