Domaine de la Pinte Capitaine Arbois Rouge 2017 75cl

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La Capitaine is a single vineyard, but each grape variety is fermented separatly. 2017 was rich vintage, full of small red fruits. Silky palate. Very well balanced, you are able to freshness even on this rich vintage.
  • About the winemaker

    The special thing about Domaine de la Pinte is the soil. Jura’s famous grape, Savagnin, loves the blue marl clay surrounding the domaine, while red grapes do fantastically in the areas of red clay. And it's for this soil-specific reason that geologist and founder Roger Martin selected the site in 1952. Pierre is a firm believer in biodynamics, which is essential for helping the vines get the nutrients they need. The practice of biodynamics helps loosen and aerate these heavy clay soils, which, while beneficial for the grapes, can be difficult to work with, especially in summer when they become rock hard.
  • Grape

    Pinot noir, Poulsard
  • Style

    Light-bodied red
  • Diet / ethical

  • Region

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