Marc Delienne Fleurie Abbaye Road 2015

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Light, fruity, bundles of character from the loamy, flinty soils. Great served chilled
  • About the winemaker

    Like many of us, Marc Delienne had a dream of making his own wine. But unlike many of us, he actually did it. After quitting his job in Paris, he packed up and studied at Domaine de Trevallon with Eloi Durbach, before purchasing Chateau de l’Abbaye, in the heart of Fleurie. Domaine Marc Delienne aims to translate the character of his sandy, loamy soils into each of his Beaujolais wines. This is aided by the biodynamic philosophies he uses to encourage biodiversity among his 40-80-year-old vines.
  • Grape

  • Style

    Light-bodied red
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