Steenberg Merlot 2014

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Mint, dark chocolate and berries on the nose with plums and cedar wood on the palate.
  • About the winemaker

    Steenberg have always looked at grapes and vines differently to their peers. For all the hype around wine being made in the vineyard, this is one producer that showcases its viticultural focus. The ideal climatic conditions mean that varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and even Nebbiolo are more than just experiments, they are critical success stories. The history of the farm stretches back to 1682, far longer than most South African producers, but that hasn’t stopped Steenberg from showing the world what South Africa is capable of. And now that they've appointed the brilliant Elunda Basson as head winemaker, we're sure there are more exciting things are to come!
  • Grape

  • Style

    Full-bodied red
  • Region

  • Country

    South Africa
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